Our Philosophy is Simple.

Equus1.shop offers Canadian equestrians and horsemen a highly curated selection of premium therapeutic products and non-veterinary supplements all of which represent the best in their respective product classes. All of the products we sell are created using ingredients and materials of only the highest quality. All are trusted and backed by experienced industry professionals and athletes.

 We want the best for our animals and we know you do too. As professionals in the horse industry we understand the needs and desires of Canadian horse professionals and that’s why we’ve sourced products that we believe in and use everyday and so do the world’s top equestrian athletes because you and your horse deserve it.

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Enviro Equine & Pet puts the health and wellbeing of your animal first whether it’s your furry best friend or your teammate in the ring and on the field, they’re health is the first priority. All animals deserve the highest quality natural products and care and that’s where Enviro Equine & Pet come in. Combining the best of nature and science they create products that keep your animal healthy and at the top of their game. Each product is hand packed and manufactured using only the highest quality natural ingredients that guarantee freshness and traceability.

HANSBO SPORT products represent the cutting edge of technology when it comes to improving horse’s wellbeing and decreasing recovery time after hard exercise. Founded in 1977 in Sweden by entrepreneurs Hans and Bo, HANSBO SPORT products combine a love of horses with a knowledge of textiles. HS has been used by the equestrian Olympic teams of Sweden, Finland and England along with being purveyors to HM the Queen (despite not being a British company) by providing multi-purpose rugs for the horses at Buckingham Palace Stables. HANSBO created the first waterproof and breathable horse rug and has since branched out to produce products that can benefit riders and horses of all levels and disciplines from wraps to boots, and saddle pads to halters.

The HANSBO SPORT ICM line combines years of experience in equestrian products with innovative healing technology and targets areas of the horse that are vulnerable after hard work and exercise. The line features wraps, rugs, boots, saddle pads and halters all made from ceramic and magnetic fibres designed to generate their own heat, increase the horse’s wellbeing and help prevent injury. Regular use of Hansbo Sport ICM products enables a faster recovery for horses after exercise.